Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's been too long...

Sorry I have not written in such a long time.  Sadly, our family suffered the tragic loss of my grandmother, Mammaw, in a car accident.  We have been trying to pick up the pieces and get back to some sense of normalcy around here.

I do have a confession to make.  Alright, here goes, I am a total stress shopper.  Some people eat, some go into depression or denial; I go into department stores.  Holy cow!!! I thought I was Miss Frugal and totally in charge of money, but dang, put me in a stressful situation and hand me a debit card and LOOK OUT! Luckily, we budget blow money each month for our unplanned crazy impulse buys so I didn't totally wreck our whole family budget, but I could be dangerous on the bank account given the right situation.  On the plus side - Will ended up with a new suit and dress shoes, which he did need for the funeral, and I got some Christmas shopping done.  Next time I am in a stressful situation and am feeling the urge to shop, I am going to have to think of something a little healthier for me to do.  Any suggestions?  What do you do in trying times?

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  1. I am also a "stress shopper" or, you could say I take advantage of "retail therapy". Of course, no true FPUer wants to be in this position. I have found two things helpful.
    1. When I'm in the "I want to spend $ to feel better" mode, I try to buy things that I've already budgeted for: food, clothing, etc. Sometimes my weekly grocery shopping trip will satisfy the urge.
    2. When groceries won't do the trick, I try to do my retail therapy at Goodwill. You can't get in TOO too much trouble there :-)

    Of course, my goal is to rely on prayer instead of retail therapy... I'm getting there. God understands I'm a work in progress.

    Love your blog, Sarah. Clyde is SUCH a proud FIL.... and I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandmother's tragic death.