Thursday, December 15, 2011

True or False?

1)  Shopping sales = Smart shopping


How many times have you gone into Target to get "just this 1 thing" and walked out with a basket full of stuff because it was on sale?  If you're like me, then the answer is too dang many.
Why is it that when something is on sale it automatically becomes a need.  My kitchen towels are perfectly fine, but when there is a sale on linens I all of a sudden "need" new towels, or picture frames, or pillow cases, or...  You get my point.  Shopping sales can a smart thing to do.  If you meal plan and base your weekly meals on what is on sale, that is brilliant, or if you need something and look around for the best deals, that is also great, but if you buy something just because it is on sale then really you are not saving any money.

2)  Using coupons = Smart shopping


Once again, this statement really can't be made into an all the time true statement.  Some people go through the ads, cut out coupons for things they already use, and actually remember to use them.  I admire these smart shoppers.  However, there are many people who will buy things because they have a coupon for them and end up spending more money then they would have had they just stuck with the list of normal items.  Many coupons are buy 2 get one free, which is a great deal if you can use all three (of whatever it is), but if you are only going to be able to use 1 before the item expires you just spent twice the money for the same amount of use.  See what I mean?

We need to focus on keeping more money in our pocket and stop letting the sneaky advertisements and gimmicks make us thing we are getting a great deal on all this stuff.  Sometimes you may run across the sale of the century, and I love it when then happens, but I always try to remember that a business' main goal is to makes money off of me (and you).

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