Sunday, September 25, 2011

Double Date Nights!

It is hard to get out and have just one date night a month with my husband, so imagine how excited we were to have two - in a row!!!
The year we were on baby step 2 (BS2) we pinched every penny and didn't have any date nights.  That is not something I necessarily suggest, but it was a choice we made to get out of debt faster and it worked for us.  Anyway, I got a nice gift card from work to Dave & Buster's that we have been saving a while and the other day I was looking at Groupons and found a BOGO half off at Texas de Brazil.   Jack-pot!!!  BTW, if you don't know about groupons you need to do yourself a favor and check them out.  Not everything offered is something we would use, but when we run across something we'd be buying anyways, why not save some (a lot sometimes) of money.  I am so glad we have started date night up.  Yeah, even with coupons and gift cards it is a little steep once we factor in the cost of a baby sitter, but it is totally worth it to keep our relationship strong

I do have to remind myself from time to time that, while money is very important, it is not every thing.  Yes, we could save more money if we didn't have date nights, eat out or allow ourselves any fun money, but I would hate to get to the end of my life with a big pile of money (that I can't take with me) and have made no memories with my loved ones.  It is hard sometimes, but "everything in moderation" needs to be one of my new mottos.  That goes for food too, but that is a whole other story.

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