Saturday, September 3, 2011

Labor Day Weekend!!!

BBQ with family - check
Swimming with friends - check
Getting some much needed R&R - check
beep.beeP.beEP.bEEP.BEEP (alarm clock noise)

Yeah, that is just me dreaming again.  My Labor Day weekend is going to be spent at good ole work.  I have to come up with a list of positives so I don't get depressed, so here goes.


1.  Working a holiday weekend = extra pay.  Awesome!

2.  Since I'll be at work I won't be hitting up all the sales buying things we don't need, so we'll actually
     be saving money.  Awesome!!

3.  I get off at 3:00, so there will be plenty of hanging out time before I have to hit the sack for one more day
     of work before my 7 days off!

Yeah, I feel better about it.  :)

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