Sunday, September 4, 2011

Throwing away money!

There are so many things we do that are a complete waste of money.  I know I do at least one thing every day where I might as well not do it and just burn some cash.  One thing that jumps to my mind, and I did this on Wednesday, is

leaving the lights on in my car.  I got home from work and forgot to turn the lights off in the car, so guess what, yep, thats right, the car wouldn't start the next morning.  My husband, the great man that he is said I could take our other car and he would just be stuck at home all day - aww, so sweet.  Anyway, when I got home we jump started the car and drove it around a while but it would no longer hold a charge.  The battery was gone so we just had to go spend $77.16 on a new one.  Things like that will blow a budget pretty quickly.

Another thing is leaving the t.v., lights, radio, etc... on when not in use.  I am so guilty of this one too.  I don't like to be home alone, so during the evenings, if Chris is not there, you will most likely find 85% of the lights in our house on weather I'm in the room or not.  I always leave the stairwell, kitchen and dining room lights on when I'm alone and you know what;  I'm in the living room.  This really makes no sense I know.  I am literally just wasting money doing this.

Another thing I'm guilty of is being unorganized.  Yes, this costs me money too!  If I don't know what I have because I don't have it organized I am very likely to go buy duplicates of things I don't need.  For example, I recently went through my dresser and packaged a lot (A LOT) of clothes to go to Goodwill.  I had duplicates of so many t-shirts and shorts it isn't even funny.  Who needs 5 pair of orange shorts?  Really.  It is the same in the kitchen with food,  in the closet with cleaning supplies, or in any place in my house really.  Being disorganized is costing me money!!!  It is free to organize things, and life would be much less stressful too.  I just need to do it... tomorrow. :)

These things probably are not major expenses each month really, but if I had to add a line item in my budget titled "wasted money" I would have a problem with that.  Even if it is only $5/mo, that is $60 over a year, or looking at it another way, that is 2 movie date nights, an anniversary present, a ticket to Six Flags, or whatever else you might be interested in.

What are other things we throw our money away on needlessly?

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