Monday, August 1, 2011

No Spend Month!!!

Alright, Murphy (as in Murphy's Law) seems to have moved in with us, so my family is going to have to take action!

I know I've already complained all about my car troubles but we got kicked while we were down.  The day after we brought my car home from the shop Chris' car had to go in to get the brakes worked on.  They were sounding terrible (metal on metal grinding type stuff).  I am so thankful we had a "car savings fund" so we could pay for my car work without much trouble, but when that number doubled because of two cars in the shop in one week we had to dip in to other savings - my school savings to be exact, and now I have 3 weeks to come up with the tuition money for the Fall semester of school!  BITES!  Sorry, I think I'm a bit peeved.  Anyway, on to my plan.

We are going to go on a spending diet.  If it is not budgeted, it does not get bought.  If it is budgeted for but  is not REQUIRED (i.e. food, shelter, diapers) it does not get bought.  This came at a terrible time too - I know there is no good time for this, but this month is mine a Chris' 3 year anniversary. We really wanted to do something big, but we instead we have decided to be responsible adults.
*Despite my arm-crossing, foot-stomping, temper tantrum.*

On the plus side, we have some fantastic, selfless friends who have offered to babysit Will for free so we can go out for the evening.  Hmmm... free baby-sitting = $0, Little Ceasar's pizza = $5.50, dollar movie tickets x 2 = $2 for a total of $7.50.  Yeah, I think we can do that!

Now if we can just kick Murphy out on his... um, the street, we'll be doing much better.

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