Friday, August 5, 2011

Stock Market Come On!

Alright, it is payday; each payday I look at how our investments (Roth IRA and 401k) are doing.  Holy cow!

We have lost so much money in the past two weeks it isn't even funny.  Every fiber of my being wants to pull all the money out and stuff it in my matress, but then I remember the old saying, "buy low, sell high." 

This is not the time for me to pull the money out; this is the time to put more in.  When prices drop like this it is like buying stocks on sale; for the same amount of money I can buy more stocks, so when the market rebounds I will have even more potential for growth then I did two weeks ago before the market fell.  I need to just cover my eyes and ears and keep investing like normal.  I have 40 years until I retire, surely the market will go up some by then, right?

What do you do during times when the market is down?  Is it any different then when the market is up?  Any suggestions for a budding investor?

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