Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why work?!?

There are some days, like today, where I have to remind myself why I go to work and leave my beautiful little boy at home.  I wish I could be with him all day every day.  I don't want to miss any moments, any smiles, any new words, or any hugs and kisses.  Wouldn't it be better for my family if I could just stay home?
The more I think about it the more that answer, for us anyway, is no

The main reason I work is obviously for the income.  My income not only helps keep a roof over our heads, and food in our stomach, but it also allows us to plan for the future.  We can contribute to retirement, Will's college and even vacations.  If we were able to get Chris a job that makes up for the loss of my income we would come out ahead.  Again, I think I have to say no.

If I leave my job I pretty much effectively step out of line for any promotions and raises, and in my field technology is rapidly changing and advancing so stepping out of the work force for even 5 years could successfully take me out of my career all together, and I really do like what I do.  So, leaving would probably not be in my best interest.

Another benifit of my job are the benifits.  I carry health, dental, eye, and life insurance on our family.  Some could argue that these are not necessary, but they are priceless to me.  If we didn't have health insurance when I had Will I'm pretty sure we would be filing bankruptcy right about, umm... last year. 

My employer also offers a match to our investment in a 401k, something else I would be giving up if I leave. 

Socialization is another very important, yet often overlooked aspect of remaining in the work place after children come along.  If I stayed home all day with just Will, would I be happy...? probably, would I have any body to talk to other than Chris and Will...? probably not.  I do value the friends I have at work and love hearing everybody's differing persectives on every topic imaginable.

So, I guess what I'm saying is that my goal has somewhat changed.  I started this whole get outta debt lifestyle so I could be a stay at home mommy, but now I see that there is more to lose than just the income for a few years and at this point in our lives I think it is better for my family if I continue to work.  I am still a great mommy to Will, we have a lot of quality time together, and he gets the added benifit of daddy-days while I am at work.  A plus for everybody involved.

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