Thursday, July 21, 2011

$100,000 house!

One of my "hobbies" is looking at pictures of homes on websites such as Trulia or Realtor just to see what is out there.  I came across a beautiful 2 story colonial style home the other day with hard wood floors, stained glass windows, a kitchen any body would be jealous of, all for just $100,000!!! I was so excited.  The problem came when I discovered I was looking at a...

childs playhouse.  What!?! 

I am embarassed to say that I'm a little bit jealous of the 4 year-old with the nicer house then me, but holy shnikies, $100,000 on a play house.  What is this world coming to?  I get buyer's remorse over a $20 shirt.

My thinking was this has to be a fluke, right?  Surely this is not a new thing; it is just an isolated case of too much money and not a whole lot to do with it - right?  That question has been nagging at me so I did a little snooping on-line and found my answer.  No - there is a whole new niche for contractors to build custom play houses for our little ones.  Some of the ones I've found can run upwards of $200,000!  These numbers really just mess with my head.  I can't fatham spending that amount of money on somthing my child will outgrow in 5 years, but obviously I've never had that amount of money. 

Anyway, if you're interested in having something built for your little prince or princess, or if you're like me and just have to see it to believe it, I've compiled a list of companies that specialize in building these mini-mansions. 

Lilliput Play Homes
Kids Crooked House
Modern Cabana
La Petite Maison
Barbara Butler Artist + Builder Inc.

This is not an all inclusive list by any means, but these are the few I ran across that specialized in high end play house designs.  (It felt weird even typing that.)


  1. Check out custom dog

  2. LOL... gosh I didn't even think about that, but there are probably people out there handing out that kind of money for their four legged family member. Now I've gotta go google it, thanks :)

  3. Amazing! At the same time I'm thinking what Idiot would spend this on a playhouse...? I start thinking about my own history of Money Misuse...!