Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thats a "No Touch"

If you read my last post about chasing Will all over you'll remember we use the phrase "no touch!" a lot.  That really got me to thinking about these baby steps; actually, I'm always thinking about the baby steps, I have to admit I have a nerdy financial addiction going on.  Anyway, I started thinking about baby step #3, the fully funded emergency fund (FFEF from now on - it is much shorter) and how hard it is to save up all of that money for no real goal.

Usually when we save money it is to buy something, a TV, new car, house down payment, etc... but there is no big purchase at the end of what feels like a never ending saving cycle.  Now that we have some money saved up I'm continuously having to tell myself "NO TOUCH!"  I don't need that larger TV, we don't need that fancy coffee maker, we don't need a bigger car.  Then in hit me, my goal, the FFEF is not for things we want - it is only for things we need.  This money is what is going to keep us from going hungry or being homeless in the event of a job loss.  This money is there so we don't have to go back into debt just to make ends meet.  Now I can't wait to finish saving up.  I think I've always just thought "oh well, if something happens at least I have my trusty mastercard and visa" but now that we've worked so hard to pay off our debt I don't want to rack any more back up.  Bring on the savings!!!

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